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Donovan LaDuke - Developer

Tagged “tech tidbit”

  1. Avoid "Useless" Cases in Layered Architecture
  2. Boolean Infix Functions and Short Circuiting
  3. Removing Ambiguity in Kotlin Function by Reference
  4. Tiled Image Backgrounds in Jetpack Compose
  5. Building Passive UI in Jetpack Compose
  6. AbsoluteAlignment in Jetpack Compose
  7. Reactive Programming in Kotlin - StateFlow
  8. Reactive Programming in Kotlin - SharedFlow
  9. Reactive Programming in Kotlin - Flow
  10. Reactive Programming in Kotlin - The Paradigm
  11. Manage Dependencies with Gradle BOMs
  12. Dependency Injection vs Service Location
  13. Persistent vs Immutable Collections
  14. Complex SemanticMatchers for Compose UI Testing
  15. Compose Theme Preview
  16. Kotlin Exhaustive when
  17. Turbine and the combine operator
  18. semantics Vs clearAndSetSemantics

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