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Donovan LaDuke - Developer
  1. Cross-Document View Transitions
  2. Improving Perceived Performance with Delayed Visibility
  3. Using Lists in Compose Previews
  4. Dynamic Layouts with ContextualFlowRow and ContextualFlowColumn
  5. The Many Approaches to Providing @Preview data in Jetpack Compose
  6. Improving Legibility with the .not() Function
  7. Using XML Views in Compose
  8. Using Compose Views in XML
  9. Kotlin Exhaustive if
  10. Downloadable and Preloaded Fonts on Android
  11. Avoid "Useless" Cases in Layered Architecture
  12. Layered Architecture in Android Overview
  13. Boolean Infix Functions and Short Circuiting
  14. Removing Ambiguity in Kotlin Function by Reference
  15. Dev Diary - 2023 in Review