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Dev Diary - August 2023

If I had to encapsulate the work I did in August it would be "testing". Unit testing, UI testing, end to end testing, you name it I wrote the tests for it for the Bible in a year app.

What I worked on #

I'll start by talking about the work I did that was NOT testing. A few years ago during the height of its popularity, I made a clone of the popular Wordle game for my wife to play on her phone. Here's a link to the repository. In addition to the "Daily" mode that everyone was using on the website, I also added an "Practice" mode that let you play the game over and over again whenever you wanted. Since then she has switched to using a iPhone mini (and I can't blame her, that size is to die for!) so she had asked if I could make it work on her Chromebook. So this past month I added support for keyboard input, added tweaks for a better large screen experience, and did some performance fixes (specifically around recompositions now that I know more about working in Compose). Overall, not a lot of work, but the app runs substantially better now and looks very passable on a large screen!

The rest of the month was spent working on wrapping up the Bible in a year app, namely finishing up all the testing work I wanted to do and adding better support for TalkBack. I achieved 100% coverage for all my domain layer code and solid coverage of most other code through unit testing while not leveraging Robolectric or a mocking framework. I was then able to test the rest of my scenarios using end-to-end tests which used the real data and stores for highly trustworthy tests. On the accessibility front, I put in a lot of effort to ensure that the app was fully traversable and read in a natural voice.

Key Learnings #

What's Next #

With the Bible in a year app all wrapped up, I can finally start working on the "distraction free" browser in earnest. You can check out my description of it in my last dev diary if you want to know more. This month will be focused on setting up a foundation to build on while testing mvp builds on my personal device to see what works and what doesn't. In my next dev diary, I hope to have a more concrete idea of what I want to finish for the final MVP of this app.

Conclusion #

I'm excited to get back to work on feature dev tasks, but a focus on testing and accessibility was a good reminder to both do the work as you go instead of jamming it in at the end and how important those tasks are for a fully featured application. Until next time, thanks!

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